How do I know which assets are eligible for finance?

As a small to medium sized business looking to grow and expand, you may be asking yourself what your options are to secure finance for new and used business assets; whether you need a commercial vehicle, office equipment or even finance to install energy efficient equipment.

Dynamoney specialises in lending solutions for Australian small to medium businesses and understands the challenges often associated with accessing competitive financial solutions to operate and grow your business. We get that dealing with the major lenders can be a challenge.

With a comprehensive product suite, we provide an array of finance solutions to assist SMEs to operate more efficiently and effectively. We also get that small to medium businesses need to be agile and responsive, requiring quick access to capital and that’s why we have developed a faster, easier lending processes, designed with growing SMEs in mind. Our financing solutions cover a wide range of essential business needs.

Motor Vehicle finance

Dynamoney offers a range of flexible funding solutions to finance the acquisition of business vehicles. Whether you require a new or replacement vehicle, for just about any make or model, our team of experts are here to ensure it’s a quick, easy, seamless, and hassle free process with pre-approvals processed within 24 hours.

When you choose Dynamoney for your vehicle lending needs, you can be confident that the lending costs are transparent, and we can provide a range of finance terms from two to five years. Importantly, we will work to tailor our solution to meeting the needs of your business.

“With a comprehensive product suite, we provide an array of finance solutions to assist SMEs to operate more efficiently and effectively.”

Solar power finance

Whether you’re looking to reduce your carbon footprint, save money on conventional power, or both, Dynamoney specialises in lending solutions for a range of renewable energy assets, including but not limited to solar systems, battery storage, power factor correction and more.

A green power strategy can offer many benefits to your business, but the entry costs can be prohibitive for many businesses. Dynamoney has provided solar power financing solutions to more than 1,000 Australian businesses. Working with a number of specialist vendors in the renewable energy and energy efficiency sectors, our team of specialists can work with you to determine your renewable energy needs and provide a finance solution that suits your business.

Large Truck and Vehicle Finance

Medical equipment finance

Dynamoney also offers specialist financing for new and used medical equipment, ranging from dental and veterinary through to specialist scientific and laboratory equipment.

Choosing to partner with Dynamoney means that we can work directly with your chosen equipment supplier to develop the best solutions for your business, freeing up your time to manage and grow your business.

We support the growth and development of a wide range of businesses operating within the health and medical sector, including medical centres, pharmacies, day surgeries, veterinary clinics and research laboratories, looking to acquire a wide range of essential equipment such as dental chairs, refrigeration units, AEDs, patient transport services, sterilisation, dispensary, surgical and imaging equipment.

General Business Equipment

Even if you’re not looking for a lending solution in one of our speciality finance categories, Dynamoney can provide lending solutions for most equipment required to grow and operate your business.

By considering one of our equipment leasing solutions, you can reduce the initial capital outlay associated with the outright purchase of equipment and lease the goods for as long as you need, with the flexibility to return, upgrade or retain the equipment. This provides cash flow certainty, reduce the risk of obsolescence and minimise the costs of disposal.

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