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Having the right equipment is essential to increase productivity and sales, broaden a business’ scope, and reach more customers, more often. Trailer finance is a business loan that’s specifically designed to help you purchase new or used trailers. This type of funding is particularly popular as it enables business owners to upgrade or expand their fleet without the cash flow drain of upfront payments.

What's your driver?

We can help with financing a trailer

  • Need new or used trailer finance quickly?
  • Running out of space to transport inventory?
  • Want to maintain, upgrade or expand your fleet?
  • Want to maintain, upgrade or expand your fleet?
  • Seeking competitive rates (of course!)
  • You’re after a trailer that’s 5 – 20 years old?
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Am I eligible?

Approval requirements for trailer loans are:

  1. Commercial applicants
  2. Minimum trading 12 months GST registered

Trailer Finance Calculator

To find out about estimated loan repayments based on your unique circumstances, why not try our calculator? Our trailer calculator allows you to easily estimate your repayments when taking out trailer finance with Dynamoney.

Disclaimer: Dynamoney Limited, its agents, employees and accredited lenders will accept no responsibility for any loss that may arise from the information provided in our calculcators until such time as a firm offer is made. While we make every attempt to give you the best possible tools and information, the calculators do not include fees & charges.

We've got you covered.

Dynamoney specialises in providing small businesses with highly competitive and flexible trailer financing solutions. We finance anything that can be towed – whether that be financing a trailer, heavy equipment or shipping container.

Product Snapshot

  • 12 months ABN & GST Registered
  • Loan size between $10,000 – $1,000,000
  • Finance terms available up to 60 months
  • New & used Trucks & Trailers
  • Age of asset up to 25 years at end of term
  • Low Doc available up to $150,000
  • Dealer & Private Sale acceptable
  • Property & Non-property owners accepted

We can finance a wide variety of trailers

As an experienced trailer lender, Dynamoney provides financing for a wide variety of new and used trailers for commercial purposes, including:

  1. Flatbed trailers

    Flatbed trailer finance is used to fund either seasonal or long-term hauling of heavy and bulky cargo. This type of financing can also be applied to trucking, rigging, and distribution requirements.

  2. Lowboy trailers

    Lowboy trailer financing provides funding for low to the ground trailers capable of hauling oversized items that may exceed height restrictions.

  3. Pantech trailers

    Pantech trailers are the most common type of trailer within the Australian trucking industry. Utilise our trailer financing to fund solid barn door-style trailers and rear roller-type doors.

  4. Cargo trailers

    Cargo trailer finance assists in funding trailers that can either be used to transport smaller goods such as gear and supplies or as a storage system.

  5. Refrigerated trailers

    Refrigerated trailer finance is used to fund trailers that have a refrigeration unit installed. This type of finance is ideal for companies that need to transport temperature-sensitive goods over long distances

  6. Tipper trailers

    Fund short-term or long-term dumping instruments to transport materials such as gravel, sand, and rubble.

  7. Side loaders

    Side loader finance assists in funding versatile trailers that help transport cargo. Side loaders operate with minimal manpower and do not require additional equipment.

  8. Self Loader trailers

    Self-loader trailer finance is used to fund trailers to help load vehicles and heavy construction equipment for transport. This type of funding can assist businesses that have vehicles that cannot legally drive on public roads.

  9. Dolly trailers

    Dolly trailer finance assists in funding strong traction-powered vehicles designed to connect to tractor units, trucks, or prime movers.

  10. Tractor trailers

    Tractor trailer financing supports businesses that need to haul a large range of goods over long distances, including both the trailer and tractors (truck).

  11. Semi trailers

    Semi-trailer finance is used to finance short-term or long-term trailers without a front axle. This type of funding can benefit businesses that need to haul large amounts of goods over long distances.

  12. Semi-truck and trailers

    Semi-truck and trailer finance allows businesses to fund a combination of a tractor unit and one semi-trailer or more to transport freight.

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  1. Establishment, service, and documentation fees apply. For applications submitted before 10 am. Interest only payable on drawn funds. Terms and conditions apply. Please contact our team on 1300 001 420 for details.
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