Australian SMEs are going to pull through this year, but many are looking for finance options to assist across the board

It’s been a difficult year for many businesses, especially small and medium sized businesses across Australia.

There was originally a swirling concern that a large number of Australian small businesses were destined to go under upon the cessation of the government’s direct support measures. However, this claim is said to have been blown out of proportion and that since restrictions have been largely eased across the country, SME’s have started to continue business at full capacity, with September showing that many businesses actually grew their revenue at an aggregate level of around 5%.

While much of the economy is continuing to get onto good footing post restrictions, many industries are still under stress as a result of the negative quarters during the year. While it does seem that Australian SME’s are going to pull through this year, many are still pondering finance options for assistance in multiple areas.

A business loan can be a great solution to ensure that your business continues to meet its cash commitments, but also leave enough funds available to invest in anything from assets, to new systems and technologies.

Handling all of the aspects of a small or medium sized business can be stressful enough, let alone during the current economic state. So, in order to keep certain aspects running smoothly without reducing control or selling down, business finance can be an excellent option.

However, it is not unusual for the managers of small or medium sized businesses to find out that it can be challenging to secure any sort of loan or finance from a traditional bank lender.

This is mainly due to lending criteria becoming harder and harder to satisfy each year, leaving small businesses stranded with the challenge of maintaining and growing, all on their own.

Luckily for Australian SME’s there are other options out there. They have access to tailored finance solutions that suit their specific business situation and requirements through Dynamoney.

Dynamoney is a premium non-bank lender that specialises in assisting small and medium sized businesses with a range of finance options, with lending criteria that is reasonable to satisfy.

A range of finance options are available to you when looking at lending through Dynamoney, rather than a traditional lender. At Dynamoney, we cover asset finance, insurance premium funding and more.

We have specifically designed our products and options to meet the needs of SME’s requiring vehicles, offices and business equipment and even clean energy options such as solar. Our suite of finance and lending solutions means that we are likely to have an option suited to every need of small and medium sized businesses.

While much of the economy is continuing to get onto good footing post restrictions, many industries are still under stress as a result of the negative quarters during the year.

No matter what kind of SME you own or manage, it is likely that this year has impacted your growth opportunities or changed the way you operate in some form.

Even if you have managed to come out the other side stronger, or worse off, many SME’s are looking for growth possibilities in the form of lending options.

So, if this is your business, the best option for you is to use a non-bank lender that can tailor their solution to your business and one that has a reasonable lending criterion; Dynamoney is the solution for you.

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