AED finance and its benefits to your business

Emergencies happen, so it is always best to be prepared for any range of emergency scenarios, especially if it involves your employees. Every business, no matter its size, should always want to put the safety of their employees first. After all, employees are the heart and soul of many companies and irreplaceable assets to running your business.

While you may not want to think about the worst-case scenarios that can occur, thinking ahead could save a life. Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) can strike anyone, anywhere, anytime. So, it’s imperative that you are ready in the case that it occurs to someone in your business, while at work. In Australia, on average, there is around a 10% survival rate from SCA.

Training your staff in CPR and having an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) readily available can make a massive difference to someone’s chance of survival. Ensuring that you have all the links in the Chain of Survival on hand, and ready to be implemented in the case of sudden cardiac arrest, will give your staff, customers, and anyone on, or near your premises, a greater chance of surviving.

Devices called automated external defibrillators (AED’s) can be used in schools, businesses and are also found in a number of public places. These are lightweight, portable devices, that can be available to anyone. They are a crucial link in the Chain of Survival. Having an AED on hand and ready to use, in conjunction with CPR, can increase a person’s chance of survival if they suffer from SCA.

“While you may be able to insure for most risks within your business, do you have what it takes to mitigate the risk of Sudden Cardiac Death, as a result of SCA?”

Anyone can do it, and everyone should do it. All you need to do is get an AED and train your staff in CPR and how to use the AED.

Having an AED on site is one of the most crucial steps in the Chain of Survival, however, this can also usually be the hardest step to obtain. AEDs are not the cheapest pieces of medical equipment, but they are lifesaving, so ultimately nothing can replace the cost of a life. This might mean that obtaining an AED for a small or medium-sized business can be difficult, in relation to their lack of cash flow and ability to spend their cash on an item that doesn’t directly lead to profit.

This is where AED finance can help you to save lives, without ruining your cashflow. Dynamoney provides tailored solutions to suit your SME, and its requirements. Their asset finance options include Medical Finance options which can help your small or medium sized business to purchase AEDs.

The best part is that, unlike your typical bank lender, Dynamoney is a non-bank lender that can provide you with an easier application process and a quicker timeline to when you actually receive your finance. So, you don’t need to wait around for months in order to get your AED finance and prepare to save lives.

The benefits of AED’s all involve saving someone’s life if they happen to suffer a Sudden Cardiac Arrest, and there isn’t any benefit more important. An investment into saving someone’s life is never an investment worth overlooking. Dynamoney can help your SME to save lives, while not interrupting your healthy cashflow.

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